Sources of Supply for Denver

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Sources of Supply for Denver It is announced that the site of the new Denver, Colo., water paint will be selected at an early date, according to expectations of the utilities commission. J. B. Lippincott, consulting engineer, and A. Lincoln Fellows and Armour C. Anderson, of the commis$rpn, recently made a trip of inspection of the available sources of water supply. Besides the Maloney-Alien project, in Platte Canyon, six other sites were inspected during the general survey trip. There is, they said, an ample water supply for Denver from all sides, enough to provide a city of 1,000,000 inhabitants with water, power for light and Heat, and a plentiful reserve for irrigating the lajtds contiguous to the city limits. Of the six other sites inspected, all were found capable of furnishing sufficient water for the project, but their distance from the city and the necessity in most cases of tunneling…

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