Destructive Oil Fire

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Destructive Oil Fire One of the largest and most destructive oil fires raged for several days in the Healdton and Cushing fields of Oklahoma. More than a thousand men were engaged to check the flames. Shift after shift took up the work as others were overcome by the heat and dropped from exhaustion. Tremendous trenches were dug around the burning oil, but the geysers of spouting flames leaped over these barricades and the flames continued to spread, driving the workers ahead of it and burning much property. Huge earthen walls were hastily erected. Many thrilling escapes and rescues of families, men, women and children are reported. Many wer asleep in the bunk houses when the danger darnel SSb’rics have been told of men being forced to dive into the water tanks and pools formed by the recent rains to extinguish their burning clothing. Many have received serious burns. Men can…

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