Issue 11 and Volume 56.

AN APPRECIATION OF FILTRATION. In an article in the Kansas City, Kans. “Globe,” C. W. McLaughlin, health commissioner of that city, speaks highly of the city water furnished there and of filtration for the prevention of typhoid. In the article Commissioner McLaughlin said in part: “Nothing is more vital to the health, the vigor, the productiveness of a community than pure water, and nothing is more readily within our reach, if the citizens will assist in obtaining it. The ancient Romans recognized this fact when they built aqueducts to the far off hills and mountains for their water supply. When visiting the enternal city it was exceedingly interesting to me to see a portion of the famous ‘Aquiducts of Claudius’ built over 2,000 years, still standing. While all the established facts point to the vital necessity for clean and wholesome water supply for every municipality. What are we doing and…

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