Recommendations for Lexington Fire Service

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Recommendations for Lexington Fire Service Ex-Chief Fillmore Tyson, of Louisville, by request of the Commissioner of Public Safety of Lexington, Ky., has just completed a six weeks’ inspection of the fire conditions and the fire department of that city. In his report he makes the following recommendations: A new fire station at South Broadway and Scott avenue, to contain a motor triple pumping engine, with 8 men. This is the tobacco warehouse section. The apparatus all to be changed to motor as soon as finances will permit, which will increase the department’s efficiency at least 70 per cent. An additional ladder truck and company for No. 5 station, as the city should not depend upon one truck as now. A drill tower at No, 5 station. A department repair shop. The four circuit alarm system to be replaced by a new eight circuit system, with 15 additional boxes, and boxes…

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