Issue 11 and Volume 56.

REPORT ON KNOXVILLE WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS A report on the Knoxville, Tenn., water works for the purpose of ascertaining what improvements are needed, was recently made to Mayor Hon. S. G. Heiskell, by Dabney H. Maury, G. E., of Chicago, who recommends improvements which would cost $535,000 and include a new pumping station, new reservoir, the adoption of a complete meterage system, four hundred more fire hydrants and additional pumps. In his report Mr. Maury said in part: Attention should be called, at the very outset, to certain defects in the water works plant as a whole which are so fundamental and have so vital an influence upon the present conditions and upon any steps which may be taken to remedy them, that all that may hereafter be said should be considered in the light of these defects. The first of these defects is the division of the territory supplied…

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