Issue 11 and Volume 56.

URGES METERS FOR MUSKEGON. In figuring out why every water service in the city of Muskegon, Mich., should be metered, Water Superintendent Charles H. Potter has brought out the fact that the city does not receive a cent for fifty-five per cent, of the water pumped under the present system, Mr. Potter stated that with meters consumers paying from eleven dollars to thirteen dollars a year on a flat rate would reduce iheir bill to about six dollars and that such decreases would not reduce the water department’s revenue and he has prepared figures to show how and why this is so. Last year, Superintendent Potter’s figures show, the Lake Michigan Water Works pumped 1,543,236,465 gallons of water. This amounts, roughly, to 205,764,862 cubic feet; the water department should have received $102,882.43. It received only $46,781.46 in the way of revenues from water. In other words, there was $56,100.97 worth…

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