Spokane Firemen Who Build Motor Apparatus Praised

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Spokane Firemen Who Build Motor Apparatus Praised Motor apparatus builders of the Spokane, Wash., fire department are praised in the annual report of its investigation of city affairs by the state bureau of inspection and supervision of public offices, filed last week. The report states that this industrial activity by the firemen does not impair their usefulness as firemen, as they are all prepared to drop their tools on a moment’s notice and report for duty. The activity of the firemen in building their own equipment has had a tendency to offset the increased expense due to the adoption of the double platoon system, according to the report. One of the features of the reports that appeals to city employees is the recommendation for a twice-a-month, instead of monthly, pay day. This recommendation is made to do away with the time check habit, which still exists, according to the report,…

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