Dock Fire at Portland

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Dock Fire at Portland Fire, the cause of which is a mystery, completely destroyed the Oceanic dock, a quarter of a mile northwest of the O. W. R. & N. shops, at Portland, Ore., recently, entailing a loss estimated at $150,000. It was the third disastrous fire on the East Side waterfront this year, all of them north of the Broadway bridge. When discovered it was burning in a big pile of empty grain sacks in the south end of the dock. Ship’s officers were summoned immediately, but the dock was locked and they could not get in to fight the flames. The alarm was sent in at 4.44 a. m. The flames spread rapidly, and in a short time the whole dock, 850 feet long and 100 feet deep, was enveloped completely. It took only an hour and a half for the fire to completely destroy the dock. 2,500…

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