Stable Fire at Martinsburg

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Stable Fire at Martinsburg One of the most spectacular and costly fires in the recent history of Martinsburg, W. Va., occurred at 8.45 p. m. July 28, in the heart of the downtown business section, and resulted in the complete destruction of the big livery stables of H. E. Owen and Henry Heller, the stable occupied by J. W. Dodd, another occupied by F. E. Boley, and considerable damage to the surrounding property, including the rear of Hotel Berkeley, the rear of the old Colbert property, and other outbuildings and fences, and also in the death of 37 horses, the destruction of 25 vehicles and large quantities of hay and grain. The total loss is estimated at $17.000. The fire started in the hay loft on the second floor of the Owen stable from an unknown cause and inside of five minutes the whole building, which was of frame construction.…

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