Issue 12 and Volume 56.

TABLE OF CONTENTS New England Water Works Association Conven- tion 198 Convention of Pacific Coast Chiefs. 193 Water System of San Diego. (Illustrated) 195 Demonstration of Fire Apparatus at San Francisco Exhibition 197 Paper Mill Fire at Walpole. (Illustrated) 197 Discipline at Indianapolis 197 Convention of Ohio Firemen. 197 Convention of Montana Firemen .204 Massachusetts Convention Program.204 Civil Service in Chicago .204 Water System at Sweetwater .206 To Protect Florence Water Supply .206 Motor Car Plant Fire at Port Huron .197 Theatre Fire at Louisville …..197 Fire Prevention Controversy in Wisconsin .205 Salem Installing Post Hydrants …207 Atlanta Excursion to New Orleans Convention…205 Chief Pujol Presented With Badge .207 Spokane to Vote on Repeal of Two-Platoon Sys-207 Railroad File Protection in Pennsylvania. (Edi- torial) …..203 Conflicting Reports on Sault Sainte Marie Water.203 (Editorial) Two-Platoon Decision at Lincoln .207 Power House Fire at Rome, N. Y. (Illustrated)205

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