Issue 12 and Volume 56.

CONVENTION OF MONTANA FIREMEN The twenty-fifth annual convention of the Montana State Firemen’s Association was held at Anaconda August 27-29, with more than 200 delegates present. Chief Charles Collins, of that city, president of the association, presided. In his opening address he said, in part: “We are meeting here to celebrate our silver anniversary; in connection with this, our annual convention. Our association came into existence at the same time that Montana became a State. As Montana has prospered and progressed so have the fire departments of the state. Twenty-five years ago a hand-drawn machine was the principal apparatus used. A department that could boast of a piece of horse-drawn apparatus was something out of the ordinary ; later horse-drawn apparatus became general all over the State. To-day hbrses are being replaced by motor apparatus. Already about fifteen departments in this State are equipped with cme or more pieces of…

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