Issue 13 and Volume 56.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Amherst, O., will procure motor apparatus. Madison, N. Y., is to have an American-La France motor ladder truck. Pawtucket, R. I., has just provided motor apparatus for Engine 4. Dunkirk, N. Y., on September 3, voted to purchase a triple combination motor pumping engine. Mayor Kay, of Fall River, Mass., has signed an order for a first class aerial motor truck to be delivered in 120 days at a cost of $11,000. North Easton, Mass., has a committee of seven looking over various types of auto fire apparatus; it will report at the next town meeting. Waukesha, Wis., will probably procure motor apparatus, which Chief Clancy, of Milwaukee, after an inspection of the department, suggested. Oklahoma, Okla., is considering a proposition of making reductions in other departments so that $15,000 can be used to purchase motor fire apparatus. The C. J. Cross Front Drive Tractor Company has…

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