Issue 13 and Volume 56.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS A new metallic cover has been placed on the Dc Queen, Ark., city reservoir. A project is on foot at West Point, Ill., to secure a water system to cost approximately $4,000. The Somerville, Tex., water system, for which bonds were issued last fall, has been completed. The village trustees of New Paltz, N. Y., have before them a proposition to build an additional reservoir. At a special election at Carroll, la., the voters decided that the city be bonded for water works extensions. Work is being pushed on a new water plant at Live Oak, Fla. A new pump, with 2,500,000 gallons capacity, will be installed. The water system at Brunswick, Neb., has been completed with the exception of the pump house and the installation of the pump. A special election will shortly be called in Humcston, Ia., to vote on a $10,000 bond issue…

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