Issue 13 and Volume 56.

METERAGE The work of setting meters on the east side of the city of Wilmington, Del., has been commenced. During the month of August the sum of $329.19 was spent in Hamilton for new meters. The city auditor announced this expense is classed as an asset. Plans are being made for a pitometer survey this fall by the Dayton, O., Water Department to locate underground leaks in the water mains. The pumpage at the Waycross, Ga., water works has been reduced approximately 50 per cent, by the setting of many meters in the city and a constant campaign against leaks in water mains and fixtures. A feature of a reception given at the new north pumping station at South Bend., Ind., by the Board of Public Works and the Water Department was the exhibition of a water meter, encased in glass, to show the public the system by which they…

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