Salem Firemen Protest Against Outsiders

Issue 13 and Volume 56.

Salem Firemen Protest Against Outsiders Salem, Mass., call firemen have issued a public protest which has been published in local newspapers against the action of the mayor in selecting one fireman and five outsiders to learn how to run the new motor pumping engine. The only fireman selected is J. H. Flynn, chauffeur of the motor chemical engine. The chief of department has no choice in the matter but to obey Mayor Hurley, who is ex-officio director of public safety and in command of the fire department. Mayor Hurley always parades with firemen at hand engine musters, etc., and is known as a friend of firemen. The firemen in their public protest, which is signed by A. K. Woodbury, president, and H. C. Weston, secretary of their association, in part, say: “We protest against the manner in which our members are being discriminated against by the director of public safety…

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