Ludlow Valves Abroad

Issue 13 and Volume 56.

Ludlow Valves Abroad The following appeared in a recent issue of the Troy, N. Y., “Times:” “One beneficial result of the European war as affecting Troy was announced today by James H. Caldwell, president of the Ludiow Valve Company, who stated that large orders have just been received from the British Admiralty for high pressure valves which are to be installed in the new warships now building for the British navy. In addition to the British navy, other large orders have been received since the British nation engaged in the present war, from various corporations and concerns throughout the British Isles, and President Caldwell stated that these orders will keep the Ludlow works busy for some time to come, and the shipments abroad will represent many tons. ‘The war has resulted in the closing of many valve works in England, said Mr. Caldwell, and as a result the British Admiralty…

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