Features of Kansas City Water System

Issue 13 and Volume 56.

Features of Kansas City Water System One of the features of the Kansas City, Mo., water system is the Quindaro station. The source pf supply is the Missouri River, four miles above the city limits, or five and a half mile from Quindaro to Turkey Creek, where storage basins with 12,000,00 gallons capacity are located. Settling basins at Quindaro have an available capacity oi 60,000,000 gallons. The area of the basins is fourteen acres and their depth is 20 and 25 feet. There are six centrifugal pumps and seven boilers, the pumps having a capacity of 110.000.000 gallons. There are new sedimentation equipment and appliancs at Quindaro and the additional facilities enabled the department to wash the basins as shown in accompanying illustrations. A 25,000,000 gallon centrifugal pump furnished by R. D. Wood & Co., was connected up to the Strait engine for forming practically a new unit. The pumping…

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