Issue 17 and Volume 56.

METERAGE The work of setting meters in Kaukauna, Wis., is going on steadily. A 30,000 gallon leak in the Dayton, O., water mains was discovered by A. B. Murphy, in charge of a pitometer survey and represented an annual loss to the city of $876. The leak was in a main near Idylwild. Of the total water consumption of 636,516,614 gallons for the yeaar 1913 in Woburn, Mass., 87,216,850 gallons passed through meters, being 13.7 per cent. Sixty-six new meters were added during the year, 181 meters in all being in use. The Kinston, N. C. water and light department estimates the per capita water consumption there at 12 1/2 gallons per day. About 150,000 gallons a day are used by the 12,000 people within the corporate limits. This is in the face of the fact that sewerage is required in every home and that nearly every Kinstonian is a…

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