Issue 17 and Volume 56.

ANNUAL CONVENTION OF PENNSYLVANIA FIREMEN The thirty-fifth annual convention of the Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Association, the largest firemen’s convention held in this country this year, was held at the Chestnut Street Auditorium, Harrisburg, October 6-9. There were upward of 2,000 delegates registered, and more than 12,000 uniformed firemen were in the parade on the last day. George S. Kroll, of York, president of the association, called the opening session to order at 10 A. M., October 6, and announced that the preliminary exercises would be conducted by the Firemen’s Union of Harrisburg. Colonel Henry C. Demming, president of the union, was unable to be present, and W. S. Tunis, president of the Mount Vernon H. and L. company, presided. Addresses of welcome were delivered by Governor John K. Tener. Mayor John K. Royal and Judge George Kunkel, who paid a high compliment to volunteer firemen. President Kroll responded for the…

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