Fireworks Explosion at Chicago

Issue 17 and Volume 56.

Fireworks Explosion at Chicago The Pain Fireworks Display Company’s plant at 1320 Wabash avenue, Chicago, was wrecked on September 30 by a fire which was marked by a number of explosions among the $5,000 stock of fireworks. Five people were trapped in the building and lost their lives. The authorities are inclined to put the blame for the fire on carelessness of an electrician, who was one of those killed. The fire was caused, it is believed, by a gas pocket in a fireproof vault and a flame from a blown out fuse. The first explosion was in the basement and there were three or four explosions at short intervals. The fire started at 10.49 a. m. Most of the company’s stock was stored in the rear of the basement. There was a flash and a roar and with the first explosion the plate glass window at the Wabash avenue…

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