Issue 17 and Volume 56.

FILTRATION AS A SAFEGUARD FROM TYPHOID FEVER. In an article printed recently in the Logansport, Ind., “Journal-Tribune,” Dr. John Bradfield made a strong argument in favor of water filtration to safeguard a community from typhoid fever. Dr. Bradfield, in the course of his article, brought out some strong points and cited interesting figures as follows: “When cities have a public water supply polluted by sewerage or admittedly exposed to pollution the obvious thing to do is to filter or treat the water and protect the public from infection. To obtain a pure water supply from wells in the vicinity of Logansport is impossible from a geologic formation underlying this part of the county. To obtain water by impounding surface waters or from natural lakes is not feasible or possible in this vicinity. Therefore it is the plain duty of the municipality to provide its citizens with pure water. An efficient…

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