Lack of Water at Canton Fire

Issue 22 and Volume 56.

Lack of Water at Canton Fire At Canton, Pa., October 13, the Sheldon Manufacturing Company plant was destroyed at 8 p. m., with a loss of about $20,000. When the fire department arrived the fire was confined to the first floor and would, it is stated, have been confined there if there had been sufficient water. The 3-inch main did not supply pressure enough to reach ten feet beyond the end of nozzle. With feverish haste connection was made with another hydrant, and the scene was repeated. It is stated that if two dozen pails of water had been at hand when the fire was discovered it could have been extinguished. Twenty minutes later a good sized stream would have extinguished the flames. All over that end of town every hydrant was tried, and with all there was the same result. About two o’clock in the morning, when the fire…

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