Phelps Brook Water for Hartford

Issue 22 and Volume 56.

Phelps Brook Water for Hartford While some minor details remain to be arranged, it is probable that the water of Phelps Brook will be added to the drinking supply of Hartford, Conn., within a very short while. Chief Engineer Caleb M. Saville of the board of water commissioners, tested the last links of piping which will connect the brook with the big distributing reservoir, and it is expected that by the time these are laid in position, the head gates which are being constructed to protect the surrounding country in case of flood, will be ready. Then all that remain will be to turn the water through the pipes to the reservoir. Practically the only matter to be overcome now is the matter of compensation for mill owners along the line of the brook. Hartford has the right, granted by the Legislature, to use the water, but the manufacturers which…

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