Two Fires at Hagerstown

Issue 22 and Volume 56.

Two Fires at Hagerstown Hagerstown, Md., had two large fires two blocks apart at the same time October 28. The first, at 1 a. m., was the Antietam Garage, and was the most destructive of the two, and the other, at 2 o’clock, was the Baldwin Hotel. The garage was known as the Shirley Building, was four stories high, and constructed of brick and stone. The garage occupied the first and second floors. The third floor was a box factory, and the fourth a skating rink. The total loss was about $50,000. Adjoining was a two-story brick building, the first story housed the apparatus of the Antietam Fire Company and another fire company, and the second story was an armory. This building was wholly destroyed, with an estimated loss of about $25,000. A three-story warehouse close by ignited, but was saved by the fire department. The fire was probably caused…

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