Proposed Improved Conditions at Spokane

Issue 22 and Volume 56.

Proposed Improved Conditions at Spokane Commissioner of Public Works F. K. McBroom, of Spokane, Wash., this week said that he favored making an effort to get together with the fire underwriters and secure the proposed reduction of $60,000 in fire insurance rates, even if it becomes necessary to increase the size of the fire department beyond its strength of 132 men under the single shift. The underwriters have asked that the department under the single shift be increased to 160 men, or an addition of 28 men. Commissioner McBroom says that with the repeal of the double platoon system the city commissioners are given a free hand in regulating the size of the fire department, and that if it is more advantageous to discontinue one or more fire stations this can be done. “It is purely a business proposition; if the city can make money for the property owners through…

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