Inspecting Fire Hazards

Issue 23 and Volume 56.

Inspecting Fire Hazards The Committee on Field Practice of the National Fire Protection Association has completed its two years’ work in the compilation of an inspection manual. This publication is called Field Practice and is not a mere compilation of fire protection standards, but a handbook designed to educate and serve the man who is undertaking inspection work, and who, possibly, has had. little previous experience. The increasing inspection of premises by uniformed members of the fire departments and by newly constituted municipal inspection bureaus has made such a handbook important, covering not only standard equipments, but also what may be called points of relaxation front the standard which the inexperienced inspector does not know how to look for. This book is designed to point out the common faults in equipments and those points of deterioration difficult for inexperienced persons to discover, with methods and suggestions for their remedy.

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