First Boston Fire Prevention Report

Issue 23 and Volume 56.

First Boston Fire Prevention Report When Deputy Chief John Grady became fire commissioner of Boston, Mass., last March nothing of importance had been done in that city in the w’ay of fire prevention and inspection of buildings by firemen. Commissioner Grady took the matter up of his own accord and from a fireman’s standpoint. He has just issued the following report concerning it: “The Boston Fire Department has in practice to-day an inspection system, which, for ’some time appeared to be only a theoi’y. About six months ago it was decided that whether we had laws or not something must be done by this city to cut down the enormous loss from fire under which we were laboring. After careful consideration the “moral suasion” plan was adopted and the inspection system put in practice. Two lieutenants were detailed to inspect’ buildings in certain sections of the city. The class of…

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