Proposed Improvements at Chicago

Issue 23 and Volume 56.

Proposed Improvements at Chicago Years of complaint by chief after chief that Chicago’s fire department is inadequate and not up to fighting strength is in the way of being answered by the city if the finance committee gives its approval to plans to add 312 more men to the department in 1915 and construct twenty-six new fire stations, according to the “Post” of that city. Motor apparatus will be installed in the new stations with all other up-to-date methods, as Chief Thomas O’Connor declares the city has turned its back on horse-drawn ‘equipment forever. The late Chief Seyferlich urged more men and more equipment and stations. Before him Chief James Horan demanded more men. The city architect has just completed the plans for 26 uniform fire stations, to be paid for out of corporate funds. Provision for horses has been eliminated entirely from the plans and the city will save…

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