Tribute to Late Chief Nagengast

Issue 25 and Volume 56.

Tribute to Late Chief Nagengast In commenting on the death of Chief George Nagengast, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who died on November 30, the Press of that city said, in part: “There are but few Poughkeepsians, probably, who will realize that the death of Chief Engineer George Nagengast will mean more work for the various charity organizations this winter. People who were intimate with Mr. Nagengast know of scores of instances where he has helped and cared for many families. His philanthropy was not ostentatious; it was carried out in a quiet manner and without show and but few people outside of those receiving it knew of the good he was doing for the poor. Never was a worthy person denied help by Chief Nagengast. Hundreds of baskets of groceries and necessities of life were sent out by him during the holdiay seasons and the coal bins of many a…

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