West Asheville Gets North Fork Water

Issue 25 and Volume 56.

West Asheville Gets North Fork Water The construction of the pipe line from Asheville, N. C., to West Asheville, has been completed and the residents of the latter place are now using North Fork water from Asheville’s large watershed. Hydrants have been installed and other fire protection measures are being considered by the West Asheville town authorities. The new water lines consist of 21,108 feet of four-inch piping, 11,507 feet of two-inch piping and 8,328 feet of eight-inch piping. Hydrants are about 050 feet apart. A sewer line was also built. The West Asheville aldermen have ordered that all water bills are collected monthly. A minimum rate of seventy-five cents per month has been named, while consumers using more than the minimum will be charged at a rate of twenty-five cents per 1,000 gallons. West Ashville is able to secure Ashville water through a contract between the two municipalities. The…

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