Air Lift Equipment at Madison

Issue 27 and Volume 56.

Air Lift Equipment at Madison An air lift equipment recently installed at the Madison, Wis., water works consists of the following machinery: One 19 and 12 x 16 Ingersoll Rand Type XB-2 Air Compressor, Short Belt Drive equipment to a 150 H. P. Westinghouse 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle motor and one 48-inch diameter x 8 feet Steel Receiver. There are four wells, two 8 inches, one 6 inches and one 5 inches, all 750 feet deep, and cased to a depth of 150 feet. The static head is 30 feet, and the lift above surface 12 feet. The wells were piped up on the basis of 60 per cent, submergence or 172 feet. The yield from these wells is variable, producing all the way from 157 gallons for the 5-inch well up to 768 gallons per minute for one of the 8-inch wells, the total production being 1,947…

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