Three-Platoon Bill in St. Louis

Issue 27 and Volume 56.

Three-Platoon Bill in St. Louis Reports from St. Louis, Mo., state that the House of Delegates has passed a bill putting the Fire Department on an eight-hour day, or three platoon system, in order that the interpretation of the eight-hour section in the city’s new charter may be conformed to. The resolution directs that Director of Public Safety Swingley enforce the eight-hour rule in the fire department in accordance with the section of the charter reading: “Except in case of emergency, not to exceed eight hours shall constitute a day’s work for all mechanics and laborers employed by the city.” Director Swingley, who was chief of department before he became Director of Public Safety, has opposed the three platoon proposition and stated that it would mean the employment of double the 826 now in the department, to operate on the eight-hour basis. The pay of privates in the department is…

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