Issue 27 and Volume 56.

FILTRATION The Water Board of Wilmington. Del., has directed Chief Engineer Edgar M. Hoopes, Jr., to install a sterilization plant with a daily capacity of 24,000,000 gallons. C. A. Jennings, consulting engineer and expert on the treatment of water with hypochlorite, with offices at Chicago, read a paper on “Disinfection of Public Water Supplies” at a meeting of the Purdue Society of Civil Engineers, on December 15. Ira A. Jewell, of Chicago, has notified the Board of Control of Cleveland, that he will demand damages if the city awards contracts for certain filter equipment, claiming patent infringements. According to patent attorneys who have been consulted by the city the plans for the Division filtration plant do not infringe upon Jewell’s patents. R. W. Pratt, consulting engineer in charge of the building of the plant, says that the building of the plant will not be held up by any action that…

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