Water Plant Chimney Damaged by Lightning

Issue 27 and Volume 56.

Water Plant Chimney Damaged by Lightning During a severe thunderstorm some time ago, the chimney at the Potsdam, N. Y., water works, was struck by lightning, the illustration herewith showing the course of the bolt. The bolt struck the chimney, which is 65 feet brick and 24 feet stone, at the top, underneath the six-inch cap of cement, and followed the chimney down to the stone foundation and passed along the metal roof of the boiler house, and the pipes connected thereto. The chimney is eight-sided on the outside, and brought to a four-foot circle on the inside. The bolt of lightning took a strip about three feet wide and one brick in thickness from top to bottom. Otherwise no damage was done. George A. Littell is superintendent of the water works. Photo by C. T. Stickles.

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