Pittsburgh Fireman on Fire Prevention

Issue 27 and Volume 56.

Pittsburgh Fireman on Fire Prevention Walter J. Lloyd, of Engine 32, Pittsburgh, Pa., in a printed leaflet, recently issued, on fire prevention, in part, says: “The peculiar part of our great losses by fire in the United States is this: We, the American people, spend in the maintenance of fire departments and fire extinguishing apparatus ten times more than do European countries, and yet the fire losses of this country average every year a total of over $250,000,000, which is over $500 per minute, or $30,000 per hour, and means a per capita fire loss of $2.51, against thirtythree cents in European countries. Now, why is this so? Why should one of the shrewdest and most progressive people of the world be handicapped by such a terrific waste of wealth and of the energy which produced it? The explanation may be given in a few words. First, and worst, is…

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