Railroad Yard Fire at Binghamton

Issue 1 and Volume 57.

Railroad Yard Fire at Binghamton A number of freight cars and the transfer shed in the D. L. and W. railroad yards at Binghamton, N. Y., were destroyed by fire on the evening of December 3, the damage being estimated at $100,000. The fire started with an explosion in one of the freight cars, which occurred as the door was opened to allow employees to check up the contents. The car was in flames immediately and the flames swept along the shed, burning off the fire alarm wire and then spread, cutting off access to the fire hydrant in the yard. An alarm was sent in by telephone. The fire had spread with great rapidity and at one time it looked as though the whole yard would be swept. Chief C. N. Hogg formed a water curtain and checked the progress of the fire and it was under control an…

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