Supplementary Report on Pittsburgh

Issue 2 and Volume 57.

Supplementary Report on Pittsburgh In a supplementary report on conditions in Pittsburgh, Pa., the National Board of Fire Underwriters, who issued a report on that city in June, 1909, extensive improvements made in the water and fire departments are referred to. The report says the capacity of the Aspinwall filter plant has been increased and additions to the equipment have increased the efficiency at the more important pumping stations; several of the old stations have been abandoned and superseded by two fullyequipped new fireproof stations, with improved arrangements in the method of supply, numerous force and supply mains from 16 to 60 inches in diameter have been laid, thereby increasing the supply to many sections of greater Pittsburgh; the large North Side reservoir has been completed and the policy of compulsory metering of all services has been entered upon, and the report states that these and other extensions and the…

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