Two Platoon Bill Introduced in New York Legislature

Issue 3 and Volume 57.

Two Platoon Bill Introduced in New York Legislature Assemblyman John J. Ryan of New York City has introduced a bill in the New York Legislature providing for a two-platoon system for fire departments of cities of the first class in New York State, which include New York and Buffalo. This is the bill: Section 1. The commissioner or other head of the fire department in each city of the first class shall divide the officers and members of companies of the uniformed fire force into two bodies or platoons, one to perform day service, and the other to perform night service. The hours of day service shall not exceed ten, commencing at eight o’clock in the morning; the hours of night service shall not exceed fourteen, commencing at six o’clock in the afternoon; except that in cases of riot, serious conflagration or other such emergency, the fire commissioner or other…

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