Issue 3 and Volume 57.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Report on the St. Paul Fire Service 33 Yonkers Fire Department, Past and Present. (Illustrated) 34 Market Fire at Los Angeles 35 Report of Detroit Water Board 36 Annual Water Report of Buffalo 36 Moving Picture Theatre in Wilmington Gutted.(Illustrated) 37 Skidding Accident in Trenton . 37 Fire Improvements at Flint . 43 Block Burned at Millheim. (Illustrated). 39 To Prevent Pollution of Streams in West Virginia 41 Building Inspections by Boston Firemen. 41 Canadian Fire Protection . 44 Questions and Answers .. —. 45 Skidding of Fire Apparatus. (Editorial).. 41 Engineer Reports on Dover Water Situation. 42 Exempt Firemen Want Tax Benefit Continued…. 39 Water System Development at Salt Lake . 42 New England WaterWorks Association. 38

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