Newly Elected Chiefs

Issue 3 and Volume 57.

Newly Elected Chiefs Milford, O.—Edward Smith. Grass Valley, N. Y.—W. M. Gildersleeve. Armour, S. D.—F. L. Kellogg. Mt. Pleasant, Ia.—Roland Howe. Brownsville, Pa.—F. C. Breckinridge. So. Brownsville, Pa.—John Sabin. Alliance, Nebr.—Charles Hill. Pocatello, Ida.—W. R. Blalock. Hamburg, N. Y.—Alfred Drechsler. Maysville, Kv.—Ruliff M. Newell. Tyndall. S. D.—Henry Hokuf. Virden. III.—O. L. Becker. Meaderville, Mont.—John V. Bennett. Shellsburg, la.—Clarence Spurgeon. Edgar. Nebr.—Thomas Mallory. Wittenberg, Wis.—Chas. Schwertfeger. Algona, la.—A. F. Dailey. Witmer, Pa.—Jonas Biler. Boulevard. Mont.—Edward Hyland. Platte, S. D.—George H. Henry.

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