Motor Apparatus in New York

Issue 3 and Volume 57.

Motor Apparatus in New York The following is contained in a recently issued statement by Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson on motor apparatus in New York City: By 1918 I expect the Fire Department apparatus will be completely motorized. There are at present in active service in the department 227 pieces of motor apparatus; there are 445 pieces of unmotorized apparatus. We have due on contracts 23 pieces of motor apparatus, and will contract for the delivery during the year 1915 for 92 pieces of motor apparatus, so that by the end of the year 1915 we will have in the department 342 pieces of motor apparatus. During the years 1916 and 1917 we expect to complete the motorization of the department, as I have said. No horses were bought for use in the department last year, and none will be bought this year. We are proceeding on a definite programme…

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