The Never-Skid Device

Issue 3 and Volume 57.

The Never-Skid Device The Never-Skid device for dual tires, for giving traction and preventing skidding, consists of drop forged steel cross-pieces or frogs, specially treated to give tough wearing qualities, connected by tested links to form a continuous chain between the dual tires. Provision is made for taking up slack off the chain in consequence of the wear of the tires. The device is so constructed that the cross pieces are not stationary and thus are constantly changing their position on the tire to the end that no injury to the tires shall result from its use. The manufacturers, The Never-Skid Manufacturing Company, New York, claim for the device that perfect traction is obtained regardless of the grades to be negotiated or the slippery condition of the road itself. Features pointed out by the company are that it is easily attached and detached, the truck does not have to be…

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