Annual Water Report of Buffalo

Issue 3 and Volume 57.

Annual Water Report of Buffalo The twenty-second annual report of the Buffalo, N. Y., Bureau of Water, being the fortyfifth annual report of the water works, and covering the fiscal year ending June 30, 1914, states that the water works were constructed by a private company in 1848 and were purchased by the city in 1868. The source of supply is Lake Erie and the mode is pumping. The estimated total population to date of the report is 475,000 and the estimated population on lines of pipe and estimated population supplied are the same. The total consumption for the year was 52,317,669,280 gallons, of which 16,176,835,000 gallons passed through meters. The percentage of consumption metered is 31 per cent. Average daily consumption is figured at 143,336,080 gallons, being 302 gallons per day to each inhabitant or consumer. The total cost of supplying water per million gallons, figured on total cost…

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