Issue 4 and Volume 57.

LIABILITY TO ADJOINING PROPERTY OWNERS. Fire Prevention Commissioner O’Keefe of the Boston, Mass., Metropolitan District, has stated that he stands ready to lend the aid of his department where property owners can prove that their property has been damaged by fire originating through the carelessness or negligence of an adjoining property owner. This was announced after the commissioner had submitted the question: “Has an owner of adjoining property, which is damaged by fire by reason of the neglect of the owner of the property to properly clean his chimneys and flues, a right of action at common law?” to a firm of attorneys and to which they replied, that a property owner has a right for a suit for damages in such a case Commissioner O’Keefe is quoted as follows in commenting on this subject: “Since the recent important decision in New York, where it was held that a private…

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