Issue 4 and Volume 57.

FIRE BUSINESS SPECIALS Southport, Conn.—The Volunteer Company is contemplating the purchase of motor chemical apparatus. Franklin, Pa.—On January 12 council made an appropriation to purchase an auxiliary hose truck. Warren, N. Y.—As the result of a large fire, citizens arc discussing the purchase of additional equipment. Hamburg, Pa.—The Union Fire Co. is raising funds for the purchase of chemical apparatus. Woburn, Mass.—The purchase of motor apparatus is being agitated. F. E. Tracey, Chief. Cresson, Pa.—The fire company expects to be in the market for apparatus shortly. Oil City, Pa.—Chief A. G. Dolby recommends the purchase of a ladder truck and a bell for No. 2 engine house. Springfield, Ohio.—Chief S. F. Hunter, in his annual report, recommends purchase of the following: Two motor combination pump and hose cars, two motor comhinatoin chemical and hose cars, a motor aerial truck, chasses for two ladder trucks and 4,000 feet 2 1/2-inch hose…

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