Houston Fire Department

Issue 4 and Volume 57.

Houston Fire Department Fire losses in Houston, Tex., for 1914 aggregated $526,678.70, on which insurance amounting to $418,402.44 was paid. This does not include the insurance on December losses, amounting to $31,911.25, on which it is estimated $25,000 insurance will lie paid. Alarms for the year were 791. The showing for the year, considering the number of alarms responded to, and the value of the property involved. $10,443,927.43, is considered excellent by local insurance men. While the loss was somewhat larger than for 1913, yet more alarms were responded to and the value of property involved was much greater than for 1913. The loss by months shows September to be the banner month, with a loss of only $13,278.50, while the heaviest loss reported was in November, $176,106; $146,943 of which was occasioned by the Krupp & Tuffly fire on November 10. Twenty-eight fires were of incendiary origin, 28 were…

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