Improved National Adjustable Valve Box

Issue 4 and Volume 57.

Improved National Adjustable Valve Box Among the specialities illustrated and described in the new catalogue of the American Foundry and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Mo., are the improved national adjustable valve boxes for water or gas valves, patented and patents pending. This valve BOX has a 5 1/4-inch shaft and is interchangeable with all style bases. In giving directions for the setting of Ais valve box, the company says: “When setting a valve box in its place, the base should rest two or more inches above the flanged joints of the valve dome. The nut of valve should he about on a line with the hub or upper part of the valve box base where connected with the upright shaft: this will leave ample spare all around the valve and prevent the box from touching it in any way.” As to the length of the vafve box, the catalogue…

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