Chief Sanger Injured in Collision

Issue 4 and Volume 57.

Chief Sanger Injured in Collision As the result of a collision at Butte, Mont., last week, of street car and the auto chemical car on which were riding Chief Peter Sanger and three firemen, the chief was taken to a hospital suffering from concussion of the brain, a hemorrhage of the ear, a sprained wrist and knee and other injuries. The others were only slightly bruised. The auto was answering an alarm, and was travelling, it is stated, about 35 miles an hour down Alabama Street, when a Walkerville Street car was sighted approaching the crossing. Driver Simon Behans, seeing that a collision could not be averted, put on more speed, thus causing the street car to strike a glancing blow instead of colliding with the auto head-on. Chief Sanger was on the side of the auto which was struck. The reason that the machine was making such speed was…

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