Issue 5 and Volume 57.

MOTOR APPARATUS NOTES Oak Park, Ill., has placed in service a new six-cylinder 900-gallon pumper. The Sapulpa, Okla., department is to be all motorized at an early date. The San Diego, Cal., city council has authorized the purchase of motor cars for Chief J. G. Parrish and Battalion Chief C. E. Woods. An American-La France combination chemical and hose car is an exhibition at the auto show at Kalamazoo, Mich. The Conemaugh, Pa., council has, at the quest of Chief H. J. Maltzie, amended a resolution so as to permit ten men instead of six to ride on the new motor truck. The New York fire department now has 87 Christie tractors in service. Three of these were delivered by the Front Drive Motor Co., of Hoboken, N. J., last week. The fire commissioners of Buffalo, N. Y., have created the position of chauffeur fireman and asked council to provide…

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