The Clark Leak Indicator

Issue 5 and Volume 57.

The Clark Leak Indicator The improved Clark Leak Indicator which is illustrated herewith and which is manufactured by the H. W. Clark Company, of Mattoon, Ill., New York, Chicago and San Francisco, is valuable to water works managers as by its use thousands of dollars may be saved to a water department through locating underground leaks, by the house-to-house inspection, in which inspection a man can cover from two to four hundred services per day. A single ordinary house service (3/4 inches under the average working pressure), will carry about 18,000 gallons of water per day. Under usual conditions of service this pipe may have in it underground a very large leak, such that reduces the pressure to say four or five pounds, and representing a loss of 80 per cent, of the clearing capacity of the pipe; ordinarily a supply will be rendered to the residence under these conditions…

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